Frequently Asked Questions

Just add the co-parent e-mail from when creating your account.
Just go to the menu, then click on FAMILY, and finally press on the KEY icon of the person you want to invite by email.
This user is already known from 2forkids, he is already related to the family.
For those who have not answered or read the invitations, you can relaunch the invitation via the MY FAMILY menu. And on the top, you can click on INVITATION PENDING
Just go to MY FAMILY menu, choose your profile, then edit the @CHANGER D'EMAIL form
Just go to the MY FAMILY menu, choose your profile, then edit the PASSWORD @CHANGER form.
Just go to the left side menu, click MY FAMILY, then select the user whose color you want to change by clicking on the PENCIL. Once the profile is displayed, there will be a color panel just below its avatar. Then choose the color of your choice.
Go to MY ACCOUNT on the top right, then select PARAMETERS. Then scroll down at the bottom of the page to find the DELETE MY ACCOUNT (the red button)
To add a child : Go to the left side menu and select "MY FAMILY". From there, you can add a family member by clicking on the PLUS (Add a member of your family). For a child, scroll down the "GROUP" menu of the pop-up window that has just opened, and select "CHILD". Then complete the rest of the form.
You must first go to MY FAMILY left side menu Then select your profile You will find the button CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD under your picture or initial of your profile.
To modify the exchange time and place of a parental schedule already created, you need to go to the AGENDA on the side menu, then PARENTAL PLANNING (menu at the top). Click on the TWO OPPOSITE ARROWS (next to the pencil) of the planning concerned, and you will find the page of the exchange schedules and places.
If you want to know the status of a family member, go to MY FAMILY, in the side menu. Members who have a padlock announces that an invitation has been sent and accepted. If, on the other hand, there is a key, it is that the invitation remains to be done by clicking on it, or that it was made and you will find it on the top menu "INVITATIONS PENDING". You can also remove them if you'd like.
First go to MY ACCOUNT (top right) Then select SETTINGS Then in the general settings, you can select the APPLICATION LANGUAGE.
You simply go back to your CALENDAR page Then you go in the sub menu and select PARENTING SCHEDULES Click on the PENCIL to edit your schedule, and click SAVE at the bottom of the page. After that, you will be redirected to the EXCHANGE page that will allow you to change your time.
Make sure you have activated the schedule. To do so, go to the AGENDA menu ,then select from the bar menu : • Parental schedules The schedule you just have created should appear in the list. Simply activate it