Living separated with simplicity

Plan the tours schedules, spread the expenses, share your photos and documents easily to other family members.

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Finally, a simple and useful application for separated parents!
It helps to stay in touch, facilitates the life of the parents for the balance and the interest of the child.

Simplify your life, organize your days, your expenses, your documents in the same application designed for you!

In a few clicks, you manage and can share: Your family calendar, your days with your children, your expenses, your documents. Your schedule with your children becomes more straightforward and more serene. The whole family will win.

A shared agenda for the whole family

Our calendar is specially designed to bring you real simplicity in your family organization every day: childcare schedule, places, and dates of exchange, children's activities, automatic reminders, etc.
Your planning accompanies you everywhere. The 2forkids app has already improved the lives of many separated parents.

Expenditure management

The purpose of our application is to simplify the life of separated parents. It is not always easy to organize with a fair distribution of expenses which is often a source of conflict. Thus, the 2forkids application allows you to better manage your shared costs related to the alternating custody of children. You will have a simple summary of your expenses, and your experience and life will be more serene.



Communication within the family

The app has many other surprises in store and is now recognized by many parents as the easiest and most complete.
To improve your family’s daily life, the application allows separated parents to create and manage: photo albums, lists, memos, information about children, important dates.
You will discover tools designed for separated parents, and very quickly, you will not be able to do without it!

Our collaborative tools

Photo exchange
Exchange of files
Todo lists

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