2forkids - The concept

2forkids is an application that allows you to centralize all the information of the family and simplifies the daily life of separated parents.
2forkids offers a large number of tools to facilitate your exchanges:


The agenda connected and shared:

  • In just a few clicks, create your daycare schedule according to the rights or the agreements between the two parents; with predefined templates: every other weekend and half of the holidays, in shared custody, every other week, or by creating them manually.
  • Choose and define the places and times of appointment if you wish to receive a notification and facilitate your daily management.
  • You can also consult your schedule at any time on your mobile phone or your computer.
  • Ask for a change of custody:
  • Notify at any time a custody change request to your co-parent. A notification is sent and once validation is received, the calendar is automatically updated The schedule can be shared in PDF or synchronized with your mobile phone and connected calendars.
  • Activate and choose the people who can simply view and those who can make modifications (ex: the grandparents, the family, the nanny, or any care takers of the child)

Create your events

The calendar offers you the possibility to create events such as a specific or daily activity that you want to share and have on your schedule so as not to forget anything; that your child is at home or with his other parent. Events will appear on the agenda and notifications will notify those concerned.




  • How difficult it is to keep accounts when you are separated! Each commits to expenses on a daily basis and when it is necessary to make the statements the task becomes laborious. The finance tool allows you to record your payments and reimbursements progressively after validation of the co-parent. Balance your finances:
  • The category tab will allow you to classify your expenses and to have a better readability thanks to its dashboard and graphs: by parents, by category…

The files

Do not run after the papers! Share the documents concerning your children and create your files by categories, you can consult them at any time: ID card, medical data, a school record.



Photos and videos

Swap memories of your children, share their most beautiful moments of vacation.

The list

  • In order not to forget anything and to centralize all the schedules of your children during the exchanges or in the event of particular events, create a shared list so that everyone can consult it, and check what it contains.
  • Example: Christmas is coming! William does not know where to turn! Help him create his wish list and share with the whole family.


The Chat

  • A messenger that allows you to communicate instantly and receive notifications.
  • Create your conversations according to the topics or people you want.

Multi-family management

  • 2forkids revolutionizes the world of the application of separated parents with its multifamily option, a new tool for blended families.
  • It allows you to multiply the diaries and the tools for the management of your different families in the same application.

Contact us : contact@2forkids.com