General Conditions of Use of 2forkids

Article 1 - Information about 2forkids

1.1 - Service provider
Publisher of the site : Home Split Home LLC
The head office : 1013 CENTER RD SUITE 403S - WILMINGTON - DELAWARE - USA
Publication Director : Home Split Home LLC
Host Website and Application : OVHSAS with a capital of 500k €
RCS Roubaix - Tourcoing 424 761 419 000 11
APE Code 6202A
VAT number: FR 22 424 761 419 00011
Registered office: 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France

Any question or complaint related to the use of the Site, the functioning of the services offered by (hereinafter the "Services ") or to your personal data may be addressed to 2forkids :
using the contact form available on the website;
by email to the following email address:;

1.2 General conditions
Access to and use of the Website are subject to these terms and conditions (hereinafter the "Conditions"), privacy policy, and the law of the state of Delaware in the S tates United States of America . Therefore, access to the website implies the complete consent of the user, without any reserve with the present conditions and the policy of confidentiality.

The terms and the privacy policy exclusively govern the relationship between the website visitor (hereinafter referred to as the "user ") or the member registered in accordance with Article 4.1 (hereinafter "the member") and 2forkids , in related services and use u website.

These conditions can be consulted at any time on this URL:

2forkids reserves the right to modify and update these conditions, access to the website and its contents at any time and without prior notice. Such changes are enforceable against users and members at each visit to the website. 2forkids recommends to consult them regularly.

In case of inconsistencies between the different language versions of these Terms and the Privacy Policy.

1.3. Information about third-party applications
The website incorporates third-party applications (hereinafter referred to as " third-party applications "), such as Google +, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. These apps are subject to their own terms and conditions and privacy policy, which can be found on the respective third-party websites.

Third-party applications are not controlled by 2forkids , which assumes no responsibility in this regard.

Article 2 - Content of the site

2.1. General description
The 2forkids website is a web-based platform to help parents and separated families communicate and organize for the well-being of their children.

To this end, 2forkids offers various storage and information exchange tools, as well as common custody management, planning changes, expenses and other issues related to the organization of daily life. their child.

2.2. Access to the website, its features and conditions
Website consultation
Just visit and visit the website for free and without restriction.

However, access to certain features is only possible after prior registration as a "member " of the application by completing and submitting the online form on the website.

Services with reserved access Access to 2forkids 'information storage, information exchange and joint custodial management, scheduling, expense and other tools is restricted to members. You will find information about the prices on the "Rates" page.

The payment of subscription fees for a Paid Access Service may be made using a VISA or MasterCard credit card via the band payment system.

At the end of the subscription period of the Service, it shall be tacitly renewed for the same period and under the same conditions, unless otherwise specified by 2forkids , and unless the Member has communicated to 2forkids its intention to terminate the subscription before the expiration of the current subscription period, via the "My subscription" page of his account.

Article 3 - Electronic contract

3.1. Communication of essential information
The essential information relating to the Access ordered and its price are communicated to the Member before the order is placed.

3.2. No time for reflection
By accepting these Terms, the receiving Member agrees that the provision of the Service will begin before the end of the legal blocking period, as soon as the Access order is placed. In accordance with Article 47, paragraph 4, 1 ° of the law of 6 April 2010 on market practices and consumer protection, the Member can not exercise the right of withdrawal.

3.3. Electronic proof
In case of dispute, the parties agree that any reproduction by 2forkids of the data stored on its servers concerning the use of the website, eg. the member's password will prevail between the parties.

Article 4 - Membership status

4.1. Subscription
Subscription as a member is reserved for individuals 18 years of age or older and enjoying full legal capacity. 2forkids reserves the right to require proof of the identity and legal capacity of a Member or User wishing to subscribe as a Member.

The member has the option to give access to the created account to the co-parent, grandparents and the child for whom the account was created. The Member is responsible for all access to his account given to a third party or a minor.

The member can identify himself on the website by entering his username and password in the appropriate fields.

Registration as a member results in the registration of some user data in the 2forkids member database .

All data collected during registration are processed in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data, as described in the privacy policy and in accordance with the DGPR .

The member may at any time request to cancel his registration as a member. His personal data and his user account will be deleted on time. It will also have a right of access, rectification, deletion, portability, limitation and opposition by contacting us at

4.2. Rights and obligations of the member
The Member agrees to comply with all of the guidelines and requirements found on the Website, as well as any reasonable requests or instructions given by 2forkids regarding the Website or Service.

The member must ensure that all information given is correct and up-to-date.

The member is responsible for the use of and access to his account. In this regard, the member must ensure that no other person has access to the website with his password. In the event that the Member becomes aware of a person accessing the Site with his password, he must immediately inform 2forkids by email at the following address :

The Member is alone and fully responsible for any activity taking place with the use of his account and 2forkids can not and can not be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the Member as a result of the misuse of his passes through third parties, even without the Member's knowledge.

4.3. Content uploaded by the member
The member may upload content to the website (images, text or otherwise) (hereinafter the "content "). 2forkids does not exercise any editorial control over this content, which is only made available to persons specifically designated by the Member (identified by their name and email address).

The Member acknowledges that he is solely responsible for the Content posted by him and all the consequences of his communication. The Member declares and warrants that it has all the necessary permissions to put the Content online and for its communication. The member undertakes not to communicate, download or display any content on which third parties may have rights (including the right to privacy or the right of publicity, especially with regard to images), unless authorized of these third parties.

2forkids does not warrant that all information and data on the website is complete, accurate, adequate and reliable, complies with applicable law or does not infringe the rights of third parties. 2forkids expressly disclaims any liability for the content posted on the website by members.

Members protect 2forkids from any action or complaint by third parties (including public authorities) in connection with the content.

2forkids may, in its sole discretion, control the content. It reserves the right to remove any c ontent violates the Terms or for which it received a complaint. 2forkids may exercise this right at any time without notice and in its sole discretion.

2forkids reserves the right to cancel or suspend the status of a member at any time if there is evidence that the applicable law, these terms or the rights of third parties are violated, or that the status of the member concerned or may prejudice the interests of 2forkids or other members or users.

4.4. Refund policy
Our company is very attentive to the reactions of the users of our service. If you send us a message informing us of an error, a question or simply a suggestion, you will receive a prompt and competent response from our technical support team within 48 hours. In general, the majority of problems are solved "on the spot". Many positive reports about our specialists and our products prove it perfectly.

Nevertheless, please read the refund conditions for 2forkids services .

2forkids ensures the full refund of your payment in the following cases :

When you steadily encounter an error that prevents you from properly using our service, and if we are unable to correct the error within an acceptable period of time or are unable to provide a temporary solution.
Please note! In this case, the refund is only granted if you provide detailed information about your error, requested by our support team, such as screenshots of error messages, log files, detailed descriptions of your actions, sample files, etc.
If you have accidentally purchased the service more than once.
We reserve the right to refuse refund requests in the following cases :

When a user requests a refund immediately after the purchase of the service
when a user informs us that he has changed his decision to buy the service, saying that he has uninstalled it and that he will not use it without giving any reason.
If the reasons preventing a customer from using our service correctly are clearly indicated on our official website. (For example, if the customer requests a refund due to the lack of features that we have never claimed to provide and that are not listed in the feature list of our service).
Please note ! In all cases of refund or chargeback, your registration name will be immediately blocked and you will not be able to use new versions of our service.

Article 5 - Intellectual property rights

5.1. The website and all its components (brands, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, music, texts, etc.) are the property of 2forkids or its partners. They are protected by intellectual property rights (including copyrights and related rights, trademark rights, etc.) and may not be reproduced, used or disclosed without the prior written permission of 2forkids or the copyright owner of what such actions constitute a copyright infringement. And / or drawings and / or brands, punishable s imprisonment of three months to three years and a fine ranging from 100 to 100 000 or any of those individual sanctions, without prejudice to any civilians.

5.2. 2forkids grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, indefinite, revocable license at any time and for no reason, to access the content of the Site, to display and download this content for display purposes only. The user may also print a copy of the content displayed on the website for his personal use, provided that the user does not modify in any way the content of the website and provided that he retains all credits in favor of the creator and the origins of the website. The user agrees not to circumvent the technical protection measures of documents and multimedia elements. Reproduction is only permitted for strictly personal purposes in accordance with Article 22, paragraphs 1 and 4 of the Copyright Law of 30 June 1994. After viewing the content of the website or terminating the this authorization, the user must destroy all downloaded documents. A ppartenant, either in electronic or printed form.

5.3. The user undertakes in particular not to:

modify or copy the elements present on the Website, except under the conditions specified in article 5.2;
use this material for commercial purposes or to be part of a public exhibition (commercial or otherwise);
attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on the Website;
release from the documentation any mention of a copyright or an exclusive right of ownership;
transfer the material to a third party or duplicate it on another server.

5.4. Any breach of any of the above restrictions will result in the immediate termination of this authorization, which 2forkids reserves the right to terminate at any time.

5.5. The website can only be linked to links by using hyperlinks to the homepage on the https://www.2forkids com. Any hypertext link to other internal pages of the website is prohibited. Except with the express prior authorization of 2forkids .

5.6. Any other use of the website and its components, not explicitly covered in this article, is strictly prohibited.

Article 6 - Liability related to the use of the site

6.1. Availability and operation of the website
2forkids ensures, as far as possible, that the website remains accessible to a normal number of users. 2forkids can not guarantee the normal operation of the website at any time without interruption or error, nor that all the defects are solved immediately , nor that the Web site and the server which shelters it are totally devoid of virus or other elements malicious. 2forkids reserves the right to suspend or stop all or part of the site at any time without notice.

2forkids can not and can not be held responsible for any loss and / or damage of any kind resulting from the suspension, interruption, interference (technical), delay, difficult access and / or blocked access to all or part of the site, or any viruses or other malicious elements on the website.

Users who notice the presence of viruses or other malicious software on the website are invited to inform 2forkids at the following address: to allow 2forkids to take appropriate measures. 2forkids recommends that users install firewalls, antivirus, and other appropriate software on their computers.

6.2. Content and use of the website
Members and users use the site at their own risk. Within the limits of applicable law, the website, its components and all information, software, facilities and services belonging to the website are delivered as is, to the extent that they are available without any guarantee (non-explicit or implicit) and within the limits provided by law.

Implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of intellectual property rights or non-infringement of other rights are excluded. In addition, 2forkids makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy, likely results or reliability of the use of the content of its website, or any of its components, in any way whatsoever. or information contained in other websites to which the 2forkids website refers via hypertext links.

In no event shall 2forkids or its suppliers be liable for any loss or damage (whether direct, indirect, tangible or intangible, including, without limitation, damage to or loss of data or profit, or loss of of use or inability to use the site or its contents, even if 2forkids or one of its duly authorized representatives has been informed orally or in writing of the possibility of such damage.

The presence of technical errors, typographic or photographic content of the 2forkids website can not be excluded. 2forkids does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or updating the content of its website. 2forkids reserves the right to modify the content of the site at any time without notice. However, 2forkids does not undertake to update its content.

6.3. Links to or on other websites
Hyperlinks to other websites may be placed on the website. Some websites may include a link to the website. Third party websites are not controlled by 2forkids , which assumes no responsibility for their operation, content or use. Unless otherwise specified by 2forkids on the Website, the existence of such links does not imply any endorsement by 2forkids or their use, nor an association or partnership with the owners of such sites. The user assumes the entire responsibility for the consultation of such websites linked to the website.

Article 7 - Validity of the contractual provisions

7.1. The non-use of any provision of these Terms by 2forkids can not be interpreted as giving rise to any future use of the rights described in this provision.

7.2. The invalidity, invalidity or unenforceability of all or part of the provisions of these conditions shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of the provisions of these conditions. In case of partial or total invalidity, invalidity or inapplicability of a provision, this provision is presumed to be unwritten. 2forkids agrees to replace this provision with another provision having the same effect as far as possible.

Article 8 - Applicable law and competent court

8.1. All claims relating to the Website must be submitted and interpreted in accordance with the applicable law of the State of Delaware É the United States of America, without regard for the provisions on conflict of laws.

8.2. The courts of the state of Delaware E of America the United States have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute concerning these terms.